Celebrating Canada Day

We are celebrating Canada Day this weekend. At work we are all wearing red shirts and will be having a barbecue to celebrate in real Canadian style. Although I can’t officially call myself “Canadian” yet, I can say my heart has adopted this wonderful country as my own. It’s been only three years since I arrived, but they have been thre great years. Canada has welcomed me and offered me so many great opportunities and experiences.

I will never forget the day that I landed as an immigrant in Canada. I had been here many times as a visitor before. This time was different, I was here to stay. I had mixed feelings: I was happy to be here to finally be with my husband (who was born and raised here) and I was sad to leave my family.

When I got off the plane and walked towards the customs and immigration area, I was tired and nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect and as it’s natural, I was afraid of the unknown.  I only had 2 luggage bags with me and I was holding all the paperwork. As I approached the customs booth (there was no line up), the smiling, friendly customs officer told me: “I see you’re holding your landing documents, welcome to Canada!” I could have cried right there and then as I felt overcome by emotion. I was in my new home, my new country. The immigration officer was just as friendly. I was handed an information package and then I was on my way to meet my husband.

To this day, I have only felt welcomed and I have had a lot of support from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s funded organizations that I have approached. I want to celebrate this Canada Day by being thankful for this wonderful country and the opportunities it offers its native born and adopted citizens.

I will also leave you this wonderful story of a Canadian that immigrated to this country 47 years ago. Hope you enjoy it!


Courtesy of Sippakorn/freedigitalphotos.net


About Diana Massimi

As a newcomer in Canada, I've had some really great experiences. Every day, I continue to learn and adapt to my new country. As I've just passed the three year mark as a permanent resident, I'll soon be applying for citizenship. It's an exciting step to take and I'm looking forward to being "officially" Canadian. This blog is to share what I've learned so far and my everyday experiences and feelings being a newcomer to this country. More than anything I'll be looking forward to hearing from other newcomers and exchanging impressions and anecdotes about our new life in Canada. Feel free to share and ask questions, I'm also always happy to help a fellow newcomer!
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6 Responses to Celebrating Canada Day

  1. smurphy03 says:

    Diana, I really enjoyed reading your arrival story. I’m glad you felt very welcomed when you landed in Canada. I meet a significant amount of newcomers at my job and I always ask how they’re finding Canada. The recurring answer I always here is that people are so nice here, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. That’s just one of the many reasons that I’m proud to be Canadian. I know companies are doing a better job at designing services to assist newcomers as well. RBC has a Welcome to Canada banking program that provides advice and aid for newcomers on services ranging from day to day banking to credit cards. Hopefully more organizations begin to see the importance in newcomer support programs.

    • Thanks for the comment! I have also noticed more and more organizations offering services tailored to newcomers. It really makes it a lot easier to begin a new life in Canada. I’ve used those services before (when getting a credit card) so I know first hand the difference they can make in a newcomers life.

  2. Thank you for sharing your arrival story Diana, we hope you had a great Canada Day! Good luck with the rest of your journey to obtaining your Canadian citizenship, we look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. You should try to celebrate Canada Day in Ottawa one year. Canada is such an amazing place to live. Really liked your story! Keep sharing!

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