Things I love about Canada: multiculturalism

One of the things I love the most about Canada is its multiculturalism. In cities like Toronto, you can hear many different languages just by walking down the street. Perhaps for people who come from cities that are somewhat multicultural this is nothing new. It is for me though. I come from a city in Southern Mexico where there is not even that much tourism. Also, I’ve always been fascinated by learning about different cultures.

There are many advantages about living in a multicultural society. One of the things I love the most is the variety in food. I never had access to so many different types of dishes. In Downtown Toronto, even if you sampled a different dish each day, it would take a long time before you can taste everything there is to try.

Here is a video that shows some popular neighbourhoods where you can get great food.

Kensington Market is another section of the city where you can find different kinds of food and stores. I highly recommend visiting this market. The video below shows you some interesting aspects about Kensington Market:

Another aspect I love about being in a multicultural country is learning about new cultures. I had never known so many people from so many different cultural backgrounds. I think it’s great that I can ask them all kinds of things about their native countries. I have learned a lot more this way than I ever did by just reading about it.

Finally, I love the fact that although I’m a newcomer, I don’t feel like a foreigner. Canada is a big country with all kinds of people. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who is new to the country. We are all here making this country a richer, more diverse place.

What is your favorite aspect about living in a multicultural society? Do you have any favourite spots where you find great multicultural food? All comments are welcome.


About Diana Massimi

As a newcomer in Canada, I've had some really great experiences. Every day, I continue to learn and adapt to my new country. As I've just passed the three year mark as a permanent resident, I'll soon be applying for citizenship. It's an exciting step to take and I'm looking forward to being "officially" Canadian. This blog is to share what I've learned so far and my everyday experiences and feelings being a newcomer to this country. More than anything I'll be looking forward to hearing from other newcomers and exchanging impressions and anecdotes about our new life in Canada. Feel free to share and ask questions, I'm also always happy to help a fellow newcomer!
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