Reasons to use LinkedIn

As I have mentioned before, networking in essential in your professional life. Whether you are a newcomer or Canadian born, establishing meaningful professional relationships is a key to success.

LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. It has given people the perfect tool to connect with peers and prospects.

I still feel amazed when I look up a prospective client on LinkedIn and I find out I’m somehow connected to that person. It makes it feel like it’s a really small world where we are all connected to each other. I’d highly recommend using this tool to anyone who is job hunting. I believe that, when used properly, it can give you the boost you need to land a great job.

If you want to know some very good reasons to use LinkedIn, read this article.

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About Diana Massimi

As a newcomer in Canada, I've had some really great experiences. Every day, I continue to learn and adapt to my new country. As I've just passed the three year mark as a permanent resident, I'll soon be applying for citizenship. It's an exciting step to take and I'm looking forward to being "officially" Canadian. This blog is to share what I've learned so far and my everyday experiences and feelings being a newcomer to this country. More than anything I'll be looking forward to hearing from other newcomers and exchanging impressions and anecdotes about our new life in Canada. Feel free to share and ask questions, I'm also always happy to help a fellow newcomer!
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