Six Pixels of Separation Review

For all of those who are interested in Social Media, here is my review of a book that I found very useful. The author is Mitch Joel and the book title is Six Pixels of Separation.

Mitch Joel is a well-known authority in the field of Social Media. He has a blog and podcast titled “Six Pixels of Separation”. He is also a partner at Twist Image, a digital marketing and communications agency. Mitch also has a podcast called Foreword Thinking which features information about business and motivational books. The points he makes in his book are the reflection of the experiences gained through the use of these Social Media channels. His revolutionary ideas and approaches to new media are an example for all marketers.

Six Pixels of Separation is a book that outlines the importance of Social Media. Its main focus is the creation of valuable content. It highlights the importance of being connected; now everyone is within your reach. Moreover establishing online relationships is about trust and adding value. This is achieved through consistency and compelling content. In order to build trust, you also need to be human in your communications. This helps to build a loyal, supportive community.

Building strong communities is the main goal. This is achieved by applying the “ripples, not splashes” concept. Also, taking a leadership, rather than just a participating role turns you into the expert, go-to person in your field. Mitch has experienced this first hand. He has actively taken a leadership role in the organization of events that are now trademarks of the Social Media world. One example of this is the PodCamp that takes place in Montreal.

Giving audiences the control is something Mitch encourages companies to do. User-generated content can be a great asset. He also believes it’s important to bring online communication into the real world. Podcamps and “geek diners” are an example. In these events, creative ideas are exchanged and relationships become stronger.

In his book, Mitch advocates for the creation of personal brands He is an example of how to do this. He says that people should start out by actively participating before generating relevant content. He encourages entrepreneurs to use the many tools available online to help them in the process.

Mitch is a visionary who believes that it’s essential to adapt to the changes. Everything we create is content nowadays. He warns not to treat new media as traditional media. The way we communicate will continue to change; mobile becoming mainstream is an example. This will bring opportunities to experience new ways to reach consumers. Mitch said a phrase that summarizes what he believes: “Everyone is connected. Connect your business to everyone”.

Six Pixels of Separation is a great guide for anyone looking into building their business through Social Media. It is highly relevant to what is currently happening in the field. Mitch envisioned the way things would evolve and it has proven to be accurate. The tools he recommends and the steps to use social media effectively are very useful. The case studies in his book exemplify every point in a very clear manner. Overall, Six Pixels of Separation content is current and it’s a reflection of today’s Social Media world.


About Diana Massimi

As a newcomer in Canada, I've had some really great experiences. Every day, I continue to learn and adapt to my new country. As I've just passed the three year mark as a permanent resident, I'll soon be applying for citizenship. It's an exciting step to take and I'm looking forward to being "officially" Canadian. This blog is to share what I've learned so far and my everyday experiences and feelings being a newcomer to this country. More than anything I'll be looking forward to hearing from other newcomers and exchanging impressions and anecdotes about our new life in Canada. Feel free to share and ask questions, I'm also always happy to help a fellow newcomer!
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4 Responses to Six Pixels of Separation Review

  1. Many thanks for the very kind words and the nice review 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Jayne Evans says:

    Hi Diana,
    This sounds like an amazing book and I love the quote, ‘Everyone is connected. Connect your business to everyone.” This reminds me of a training course a friend of mine runs which teaches individuals to market themselves as a commodity rather than as a person. I think this concept is so right for today’s world where we market our skills like commodities on sites like Linkedin. As you know, one of the requirements of the project in the ELT program is to connect with a professional in your field. The goal is to demonstrate the value of making connections in a subtle but sincere way and Mich describes this perfectly when he talks about the “ripples, not splashes” concept. I absolutely agree that we are all connected and that we should utilize those connections to enhance our business or job prospects.

    • Hi Jayne, thanks for your comment. Networking is essential to find the right opportunities. Mitch applies this concept to the Social Media world. Technology has made it easier to connect to professionals in our field. I think everyone should get on board and take full advantage of tools like LinkedIn! I also think it’s great ELT highlights the importance of networking. It was a great discovery for me that helped me so much in my job search.

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